About the Course


The Aims of the Course

Our first course took place in 2015, and came about from the recognition that while it was very stimulating and exciting to attend seminars by teachers in the forefront of the latest developments in homeopathy, such as Sankaran, Scholten and the Joshis, it was one thing to be inspired but quite another to integrate the new ideas into practice confidently and with pleasing results!  We wanted to design a course that could not only  introduce homeopathic practitioners to the expanded materia medica knowledge that comes with kingdom analysis, but also support them in developing the practical skills with which they could take and analyse a case using mapping concepts to arrive at a confident prescription.

Mapping, as developed by the Joshis, is the understanding of homeopathic remedies as seen through the framework of Kingdoms, Levels of Human Development and Coping Mechanisms.  In the case=taking process, as we listen to the patient's expression of their experience with these mapping parameters in mind, we can arrive at a refined perception of the highly individual pattern of the patient's experience.  We can then "bridge the map and the patient" to arrive at a confident prescription.


Teaching is based on video and/or paper cases,  These are mostly the Joshis' cases, which highlight the skills of effective case-taking. Later in the course, we use some of our own cases, demonstrating that this method is not just for the experts!  

Other features include:

  • guided study and discussion of the cases
  • group and pair activities and discussions
  • practical exercises to develop skills
  • home assignments to reinforce skills and knowledge
  • regular one-to-one tutorials between course dates
  • guidance and support in introducing mapping awareness and techniques into your own case-taking


 The Map

  • Emphasis on the Periodic Table as the core framework, linked to
  • Levels of Human Development
  • Columns and Miasms
  • Animal subkingdoms: mammal, bird, reptile
  • Plants

Case-Taking Skills

  • Remaining open through the case
  • Recognising the Level of Experience of the patient and enabling to go deeper
  • Identifying entry points and significant points to pursue
  • Developing confidence in the use of various questions and interventions to explore further
  • Knowing when you have understood the pattern
  • Differentiating between kingdoms, sub-kingdoms and remedies
  • Developing and using your awareness of your own internal processing during case-taking

...and more!

“For any homeopath interested in learning more about the kingdoms and the periodic table, this is the course for you. You will learn this and so much more! It will give you the tools to be able to take cases in a different way and, through the mapping system, to be able to find the remedy that you wouldn’t have thought of before.”  RJ