Advanced Clinical Training in Homeopathy

The Joshis' Mapping approach to case-taking and analysis, while rooted in the Sensation Method, has developed tremendously over more than 20 years to provide us with a consistent, systematic, and precise method of understanding and treating our patients. Our course is designed to introduce the framework of the map of Materia Medica in terms of the Kingdoms: mineral (the periodic table), animal, and plant; and other mapping concepts, including Levels of Human Development. Alongside this is a strong focus on systematically developing the case-taking skills that will help you understand your patient's individual pattern and lead you to a confident prescription.


Evolving Sensation:


If you have dabbled in Sensation before but found it hard to apply in practice, or if you are looking for something to revitalise your practice and take it to the next level, this is the course for you!

Course facilitation: Ilana Dannheisser, Grazia Gatti

Course  design:  Helen Dalton, Ilana Dannheisser, Grazia Gatti, Graz Baran

Course  advisors:  Drs Shachindra and Bhawisha Joshi

“The course…has allowed me to look at cases with a different perspective and renewed confidence.  I have always wanted to understand the “core” of the case…this course had allowed me to not only have the confidence to do this, but has also brought a new passion and love for taking on challenging cases with confidence and excitement.”

Khush Mark