Mapping with case of Iguana

Published in New Homeopath 37:1 Spring 2018 Society of Homeopaths, Northampton UK


An introduction to Mapping as a system of analysis and tool for understanding patients at the deepest level of their core pattern. A central concept introduced and developed by Drs Joshi is the Level of Human Development (LHD), which applies the structural knowledge of the Periodic Table  of elements to the other main kingdoms of homeopathic remedies.

Case of a man in his early 30s with hay fever allergies, helped by the remedy Iguana

This case was selected to illustrate the mapping process because it shows how the LHD was an important deciding factor.  It also demonstrates how patients can express more than one Level in their pattern. Though the patient did well on the first remedy, the prescription needed to change when a different picture emerged, but establishing the LHD guided the selection of each remedy. Mapping can enable us to integrate and make sense of the seemingly contradictory or confusing aspects of a case.